Model prep-
Have legs and under arms shaved.Nails cleanCome hair and makeup ready- unless otherwise discussed.Bring foundation (if we scheduled a makeup artist)Purchase lashesHave out fits paired with accessories and shoes.
Cleanly shaven, unless the grudge look is what you are going for, clean nails, iron clothing, have lotion, and things for hair ( in the event, weather or wind ruins longer hair style)
Family/Kid Model Prep

Be prompt to location, bring all props and wardrobe, unless otherwise discussed.
Bring snack for kids, and if it is a family shoot, bring helper to watch kids in the event they aren’t in particular shots.
If hair or makeup is needed let me know and I can refer you to a hair an makeup artist
Unless previously discussed it is your responsibility to have wardrobe and props.

All Prep:


Eat before shoot- many models choose not to- this is important to do. (even something light)
No company brought along to shoot- becomes a distraction. Unless they are working hair, make up etc. they don’t need to be there.
(unless Family helper, on family shoots)
If you have a concept of what you want the shoot to look like. Save the images and bring it to shoot to use as a reference  point.
All money must be paid prior to shoot date. (half in form of deposit a week prior to shoot- remainder day of shoot)
Model release must be filled out- photo ID required for completion of release form


What To Bring:

• Your day-to-day makeup and hair supplies
•Wardrobe and accessorizes  previously discussed

• Plenty of underwear options [black, white and nude]

• A pair of heels or two in black or another neutral color
• Government-issued ID
• Chapstick

Props are always golden

Payment can be received in cash
Deposit received via PayPal to secure date
Any questions feel free to contact